KOKE Vietnam Kaffe Box Design
Packaging Design

Derived from the Norwegian word for "boiled coffee," Koke embodies a simple and pure brewing method steeped in Nordic tradition. This no-fuss approach delivers pure joy to coffee connoisseurs. Beyond its simplicity, Koke fosters a harmonious blend of the quintessential spirit of coffee appreciation and a deep respect for Vietnamese coffee culture.
The Koke Gift Box stands as a testament to this unique fusion. Vivid illustrations, inspired by Vietnamese folk art, showcase the meticulous care coffee farmers dedicate throughout the entire process, from planting and harvesting to processing and preparation. Each intricate stroke narrates the arduous yet meaningful journey that culminates in your cup of Koke, offering a fresh perspective on the value of every sip.

Client    /   Koke Vietnam
Project  /   Packaging Design

CD / Chochoi Creative
Graphic Designer / Mikeyokei, Changbe
Animation / Toan Truong, Acussii
3D / Hung Thao
Photography & Retouch / Khunbleu