Our definition of a beautiful design emphasizes the relationship between humans and space, activities and environment rather than meaningless decoration to deliver clients true experiences of happiness via their interactions with the spaces.

Each project is not only a challenge or an opportunity but also a story to tell. And we want to become the greatest storyteller.


Red 5 is a studio that strives to be adaptable to each project it undertakes. In each project designed by Red 5, there is a combination of materials with high contrast properties that are still harmonious, reflecting the studio's unique personality.

For Red 5 Studio, each project tells a story that serves as a justification for its own expression. This also helps to make the project special and interesting.

R Letters

The main font used in this logo design is Helvetica Neue. However, to incorporate the distinctive features of the Red 5 logo, we modified the structure of the letter "R" to create a new version that is exclusive to Red 5 Studio.

With each design story being a book, we bring that idea to create a new experience so that when customers come to red5, they can also feel a part of the stories that red5 always wants to tell.