"Touches of nature" - this simple phrases captures a principle that we value. Often, the significance of nature is disregarded in our busy schedules. At "Ssense," our objective is to rectify this oversight. We strive to incorporate a profound appreciation for nature into our environment, encompassing our physical surroundings, graphics, and materials. Every touch on your finger will serve as a reminder of the originality of nature.

Nature consists of five main elements, each holding unique importance and symbolic representation in our design philosophy. Patterns, representing water, reflect nature's adaptability. A typeface inspired from wood, signifies growth and continuous change. Material, representing earth, - also the atmosphere for our essence of creation. Lastly, technique, symbolizing fire, represents the uniqueness nature of our work. 

Our logo design strongly draws from nature, inspired by the Enso circle, a Zen symbol signifying enlightenment, the universe, and the void. It symbolizes the cycle of life and the unbroken connection between humans and nature. This circle, drawn with a single stroke without adjustment, honors the beautiful imperfection of nature, reaffirming that perfection lies in imperfection. This circle will be carefully vectorized and incorporated into the "e" in our brand name, "Ssense", making our bond with nature visually clear.

Through the metaphors of the five elements, the presence of nature will subtly permeate all aspects of our establishment. Whether it's a bag, a cup, or paper, they will all serve as reminders of our connection to nature.

Experience a unique connection to nature while enjoying our specialty coffee, meticulously crafted and nurtured by nature herself. This connection goes beyond touch to taste. Each sip of our coffee brings you closer to nature, providing a sensory journey that revives the essence of the natural world we often overlook.

We hope our nature "touches" you well